Focus on the largest peace agreements in history

Focus on the largest peace agreements in history

The world we live in has undergone various conflicts and wars. Apart from the World War I and World War II, which have left disastrous impacts on many countries and on the population, there are still several conflicts somewhere in the world. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said: "I declare that I will establish peace in this world." In fact, he is among those who act for universal peace nowadays.

To prevent another Great War from erupting, peace advocates and peace organizations have combined their efforts to undertake peacekeeping initiatives. They create many fields of humanitarian organizations in many countries. Sustainable peace-building agreements have been signed to ensure global harmony. This article focuses on the largest peace agreements in the history of humanity.

Focus on the largest peace agreements in history

Egyptian-Hittite peace treaty (1259 BC)

Amog the other peace agreements signed in the 1200s AD, the Egyptian-Hittite peace treaty was known as the Eternal Treaty or the Treaty of Kardesh. It was designed to bring back peace between Egypt and the Hatti. They had been enemies for many decades.

The agreement was initially engraved in a silver tablets for both countries. Later, it was transcribed into hieroglyphics on the Egyptian walls, but it was transferred into clay tablets in Hatti.

The Golden Bull (1222)

The Golden Bull treaty was an accord to confirm the rights of nobility in Hungary. In Hungary, the king sometimes acted against the law, but the nobles could not refrain him from doing so. Thus, they petitioned against the king. Later, a peace agreement was signed in 1222 to give the Hungarian nobles the right to challenge the king's authority if ever he broke the law.

The Treaty of Troyes (1420)

The Treaty of Troyes consisted of the peaceful agreement between King Henry V of England and King Charles VI of France. It consisted of passing the French Crown to the King of England and his heirs after the French King passed away.

The Treaty of Ryswick (1697)

The Treaty of Ryswick was the biggest treaty between France and the Grand Alliance in the late 1690s. The Grand alliance included the Dutch Republic, Spain, England, and the Holy Roman Empire. The Ryswick was a series of treaties to mark the end of the Nine Years' War between France and the Grand Alliance.

The International Convention relating to the arrest of Sea-Going Ships (1952)

It is also known as the 1952 Arrest Convention is a multilateral treaty between sovereign states. It consisted of a peaceful agreement on the arrest of domestic ships in the foreign jurisdiction's port. The rules only apply to member states.

Central Treaty Organization (1954)

The Central Treaty Organization or CENTO resulted from the intergovernmental military alliance between the UK and the Middle Eastern nations. Its original name was the Baghdad Pact, or the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO), which was signed in order to bring back peace between the two parties after the Cold War. Member states include the United Kingdom and Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan.

Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation (1971)

This convention aims at fighting against terrorism on board an aircraft. It is an international criminal law which condemns the sabotage of any civil aircraft and any dangerous criminal behavior or actions on a flight. Likewise, Prem Rawat created a foundation which was named after him to promote universal peace and to keep the world safe from any other violence, conflicts or wars.