Better understand conflicts to maintain peace

Better understand conflicts to maintain peace

In the daily news, it has become commonplace to hear about violence and conflicts in almost every part of the planet. Beside this, if we look at our neighborhood and surroundings, we can often see some people who are engaged in a row or a dispute even over a small matter. Sometimes, if the situation affects us, we even tend to get involved in the conflict and talk back, because we do not know what to do.

An ambassador of peace whose name is Prem Rawat said that it is the individual, but not the world, who needs peace. So, what exactly should we do in case of a conflict? How to have a better understanding of the conflict in order to maintain peace?

Better understand the conflict to maintain peace

Understanding the conflict facilitates problem solving

It is definitely true that without knowledge, people are destroyed. In other words, ignorance usually leads to destruction, and this is true for many reasons. Most of the time, people misjudge each other; they form a wrong opinion or conclusion about what the others are doing, or about what has caused the others to act differently.

For example, when a student intimidates his friends, he is said to be crazy and is cast away from school. Yet, he might have acted that way because of family problems and frustrations at home. Thus, bullying his classmates is the only way for him to vent his frustration.

How to understand conflicts better? The following hints can help you understand the conflicts better so that the measure taken aims at peacekeeping.

Understand the conflict by inquiring about its reasons

It consists of critically thinking about what might have caused the conflict. For example, the conflict is child labor in a community. First, it is necessary to inquire about the reason why their parents might have pushed them into labor; why it is acceptable for the community to employ underage children. If the reasons are clear, it will be easy to find suitable approaches to resolve the conflict.

Understand the conflict by listening to both parties

This involves listening to both parties who are engaged in a conflict. Before making any decision to solve the problem, it is essential to act as an impartial intermediary between the two conflicting groups, or communities, or nations.

The intermediary should inquire deeply about what have caused the two sides into conflicts, without taking any side. In the meantime, think about the best way to solve the problem without any fight or war. This is because if coupled with the idea of maintaining peace, the knowledge of truth will set people free from quarrels and wars.

Understand the conflict better through good reasoning

It is common knowledge that good reasoning is after thought. Before making any decision on how to manage the conflict, it is vital to think about what the opposing parties had said before. Have a good insight about the situation and avoid being subjective. It is crucial to keep the harmony in spite of the conflict.

Understand the conflict better through a round-table discussion

The next step involves calling the two parties on a round-table discussion. The objective is to find ways to reach a compromise to dissolve the conflict, maintain good relationship, and preserve peace.

The bottom line is if we understand the conflict well through thoughts and good ethical reasoning, we will be able to find the best strategy to solve the problem. We will act like Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, and maintain global harmony.